How to install a car with balls

Cars with balls are supplied on a piece of loading track. Please do not remove the track from the car as you will then loose the balls.

To install the car with balls, align the piece of loading track with the installed track so they are in contact with each other end-to-end. Then gently slide the car onto the installed track.

We recommend keeping the loading track, if it should be necessary to unmount the car at a later time.



OH Marine Equipments products require only a minimum of maintenance. However, all equipment needs occasionnal cleaning. The best way is simply to clean in fresh water, when you are cleaning the boat.

Especially blocks with ball bearing sheaves and cars with balls need to be cleaned regularly with fresh water as salt, dirt etc. will prevent the sheave/car from running smoothly.

Use ONLY OH Teflon dry spray or equivalent products for lubrication - NEVER products containing oil or silicone, as they will attract salt, dirt etc. and will end up working as a grinding compound in bearings, hub etc